Geology and Geotechnical Investigation

Our services in the field of Geology and Geotechnical Investigation include:

o Planning and execution of field and laboratory testing of soils and rocks.
o Preparation of general and need-based geotechnical reports as well as specification of geotechnical investigation.
o Evaluation of geotechnical investigation reports including guidance for design.

Some of the forensic laboratory testing capabilities is as follows:

o Moisture content
o Soil suction
o Unconfined Compression Test
o Atterberg Limits
o Permeability tests
o Triaxial tests
o Gradation tests
o Pinhole test
o Chemical tests
o Consolidation tests
o Torvane
o Hand Pentrometer
o Swell tests
o Resistivity tests
o California Bearing Ratio
o Density tests
o Proctor tests
o Bar Linear Shrinkage
o Organic Contents
o Hydrometer tests
o Specific Gravity
o Compaction
o Shear Strength
o Soil Classification
o pH Tests
o Resistivity Tests