• Geology and Geotechnical Engineering

Our services in the field of Geology and Geotechnical Investigation include:

o Planning and execution of field and laboratory testing of soils and rocks.
o Preparation of general and need-based geotechnical reports as well as specification of geotechnical investigation.
o Evaluation of geotechnical investigation reports including guidance for design.

Some of the forensic laboratory testing capabilities is as follows:
o Moisture content
o Soil suction
o Unconfined Compression Test
o Atterberg Limits
o Permeability tests
o Triaxial tests
o Gradation tests
o Pinhole test
o Chemical tests
o Consolidation tests
o Torvane
o Hand Pentrometer
o Swell tests
o Resistivity tests
o California Bearing Ratio
o Density tests
o Proctor tests
o Bar Linear Shrinkage
o Organic Contents
o Hydrometer tests
o Specific Gravity
o Compaction
o Shear Strength
o Soil Classification
o pH Tests
o Resistivity Tests

• Land and Engineering Surveying

Esstech engineers provides land and engineering survey services throughout many sectors. Our survey crews and office staff have many years of experience and training as well as state-of-the art equipment and software. We provide surveys for land transactions, topographic surveys for design and quantity verification, as well as route and utility location surveys. Detailed site and utility as-builts and general construction layouts, are a common daily task. With fixed price solutions provided, our clients can be satisfied that cost overruns will not occur.

Construction Surveying – The establishment of accurate primary survey control, setting out structural features/geospatial points and the reporting of as-built information.
Land & Building Surveying – The representation of the earth surface and it’s features as topographical drawings, building plans, elevations, sections and 3D models.

• Architectural Designing

Great architecture doesn’t just make you look. It changes the way you feel. A well-designed building or space has the ability to both physically and culturally transform people, groups and entire institutions. At Esstech Engineers, we help our clients capture that potential by designing buildings that seamlessly combine form, function and feeling. We apply experience – not experiments – to deliver solutions that reflect both the pragmatic needs of our clients and the critical demands of a sustainable world.
Our services in this field include but are not limited to:

Building Design (New and Renovations)
Building Evaluations
Construction Documentation and Coordination
Consultant Coordination
Historic Restoration
Project Scheduling
Site Analysis, Planning and Design
Standards Development
Technical Design Review
Value Engineering


Pile foundation is of huge importance in case of heavy structures. They transfer the load to the hard strata underneath. And for that they should be well designed and of appropriate strength. We have a complete team to deal with pile driving and pile casting (on-land) works with extensive experience in this field. With all kinds of pile driving and casting equipments present, we are able to work in different kinds of soils and for different kind of structures. We also carry on different tests related to pile foundations i.e. Dynamic Load Test, Static Load Test, Low Strain Integrity Test etc for precast concrete piles and cast-on-place concrete piles.